My name is Pablo Arismendi Rabe, born and raised in the city of Resistencia, Chaco. Since I was little, my identity had to be forged from within and with a self-taught initiative, since the available tools or the cultural offer in my native province have always been very scarce.

Living in a poor province may seem like a disadvantage but it was quite helpful to be honest. It teached me to push and activate my inner voice.

I come from a family of artists: creative people with an entrepreneurial spirit. From a father luthier and TV-technician with a cabinetmaker and some sort of a magical aircraft passion and soul and an amazing sister specialized in murals and graphite. She is a massive inspiration for me. I have learned the value of the artisan, the imaginative and being a producer of my own ideas with a radical character.

I have been a 3D artist for more than 12 years. I have ventured into the field of video games, short films, virtual reality environments, augmented reality and advertising campaigns for various types of clients. Over time I realized that I needed to exploit one more edge in the creative department, that is why I decided to enter the world of traditional art.

I had the privilege of working for clients like Hasbro, Sony, Epic Games, Hewlett Packard, Nike, Autograph NFTs, T-Mobile and Mediamonks which forged in me a spirit of innovation, testing my inventiveness and taking my creativity to new heights. . Of the projects of which I am most proud to have been a part, the virtual reality production “Love Birds of the Twin Towers” that was presented at the film festival in Tribeca, New York stands out.

This was the moment in which I discovered that my ideas could be expanded to a much deeper and more personal concept, which gave way to venture into the world of painting on canvas as another channel of expression.

Among my most precious works are also the short films: "Live, revive, remorse, repeat" and "The Intruder" made in conjunction with Epic Games and MediaMonks, as the main artist for a series of projects and development of oriented 3D production to the movies. The art, creative direction, cameras and lighting are my own.